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8Verse accompanies building and developing an ecosystem with partners who want a new business model on Metaverse. Projects in the fields of entertainment, art and education will be the first industries that 8Verse focuses on cooperation.

Accompany your own metaverse


What is metaverse?

Metaverse is a world in which users are free to create and build spaces and environments according to their own preferences. At the same time, thanks to blockchain technology, users use, share and exchange the NFTs they own with communities that share the same passions and interests. Users experience the Metaverse world through Cell Phone VR Headsets and interact with NFTs through the Oculus Quest 2.


Live concert metaverse

Immerse your feeling completely in metaverse by streaming mocap data directly into your 3D scene. Animate your custom characters at the pace of your performance in real−time. Welcome to live concert metaverse.

Ben Thanh Square

Building the Ben Thanh square next to the stage, we make the metaverse for everyone can experience on virtual reality.

Motions Capture

Creating the animation by capturing it from the real objects. Animation will be smooth, real and faster than manually created by the animator.


Buy, sell, and swap crypto, collect NFTs and we think about every last details for secure your crypto so you don't have to.

vr wallet

In parallel with crypto wallet mobile application, we make your new experience with the world on virtual reality wallet.

Warship Admiral

Be a multiplayer online action game on virtual reality experience intense ship combat in a unique battlefield that's a mix of multiple interaction for player!

Chess Adventure

Let's play with your friend and challenging our knights in the medieval castle with the virtual reality chess game.

Ftribe Fighters

3D moba games with full blockchain ecosystem including Marketplace, Boxstore, NFTs, Dex, Staking, Farming, Liquidity and crypto currency.

Ftribe Metaverse

By using VR headset, user will able to interact with their NFT items. Touch it, sell it, have a closer look in every angle.


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    Build a metaverse for Ftribe games with +5000 daily active users

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    Human resources with over 10 years of experience in 3D Game Development

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